“The Winners Mindset”

This was something I wrote a couple years ago right before I started training for weightlifting. I have posted it once on my blog before, but, have began to read it a lot more to regain focus and just focus on TODAYs training and goals.

“The Winners Mindset”

Weightlifters train seriously year-round for 5-10 years before they peak and hit their top #’s. It takes years of dedication. Step by step. Inch by inch. One inch today, one inch tomorrow…They don’t just show up one day and expect to hit Olympic #’s. They do show up everyday and expect to hit their training #’s. For every # hit in training is one step closer to the next PR. Focus on technique, nail that down first. Study tape of others & of yourself. “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying ‘I will try again tomorrow.'” Do what you can today- fight and recover properly. Then, repeat that knowing consistency is the key. It takes time. Set your goals daily and achieve those. Repeat. “The competitor to be feared the most is the one who never worries about others at all, and goes on making himself better all the time.” Rome wasn’t built in a day! But, it was built every single day for years and years. Patience, your time will come.

-Jared Enderton

It always keeps things in perspective for me and keeps me focused on the current days training. Whether it is 1 session, 2 sessions, 3 sessions, or no sessions…It is only the session that is next that matters. Even if the session before was horrible, it has no bearing on THIS session. The next session is a new opportunity to reach my goals for today. If I do that, I will be one step closer to reaching my goals for tomorrow….and for next year…and for 2016.


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