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This blog is being transferred over to my main page, over the next week. It will be under construction until then but I will no longer be posting on here and will only be posting on in the future! Same blog set up, just different domain name.


My 113lb weight loss

Haha! I am thinking about doing a little timeline story about how I lost the 113lbs that I lost. I have had quite the weight fluctuation journey over the course of the last 5 years so I am going to take a few days and try to compile a YouTube video with pics, videos, and my commentary on the whole situation. That way I can just tell people to check that out once they ask how I did it.

What gave me this idea was people were shocked that I had lost 45lbs to drop 2 weight classes in 9 months. Well, 44lbs is the difference in weight classes although I never truly filled out the above weight class. Regardless…I was like wow, and they thought that was a lot? My good friend SHREVE aka Chris Wong said I should show you all some pictures of my 300lb strongman days.

While these are embarrassing…I really don’t care. Haha have a good laugh! I weighed in at 187 a week ago…and will have some good posters and photos for sale soon from the competition!

Me @ 300lbs

Me @ 300lbs

Bow chicka wow wow

Bow chicka wow wow

There ya go…Haha I will give you guys the full run down on WHY I gained the weight…WHY I lost the weight, and HOW I gained and HOW I lost the weight. Late

The American Open

Well, that certainly didn’t go as planned. In case you didn’t get a chance to watch I bombed out in the snatch. Not fun. There is always times when people come off a defeat where all the sudden they want to act super positive about it and act like it was a good thing or something. This isn’t one of those times LOL. It sucks. I did horrible. Yes, I did learn from it and of course will move forward. I think I am more embarrassed of the performance more than anything. I know the only way to prove everyone wrong is to go and lift big weights at the Arnold. I’ll see what I can do, 12 weeks away. Seems like forever, yet, I am happy to have every single day from now until then to prepare!

Arnold 2013! Qualifier for Pan Ams and the World Championships next year.. Focused.

Link to the live feed Starting at 530 and my first lift most likely at 6pm or so

Watch “Snatch Showdown” on YouTube

Watch “Saturday Night Clean Workout” on YouTube

Day 1 in Las Vegas

Day 1 of my self proclaimed “training camp” at Average Broz Gymnasium went extremely well considering the circumstances. I trained up to a maximal FS in Iowa in the morning (!95kgs), then, drove to Sioux Falls and flew to Vegas. By this time it was about 4pm and we started training. The workout went like this:

130, 135, 137.5, 140kgx1, 115×2, 120×2, 125×2, 130kgx2 (felt amazing)
Cleans – up to 160kg (nice and crisp)
Snatch Pulls (up to 140kgx3x5)
Snatch Deadlifts – up to 200kgx1
GHR ABS – 4×15

So, it was a productive session. Today is going to be a triple workout day with:


Power Versions of lifts

Front Squats/Hamstring work/Ab Work

Got a huge help from Billy Bybee as he is letting me crash at his place for the week. What a stud. HAha thanks buddy!

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