My 113lb weight loss

Haha! I am thinking about doing a little timeline story about how I lost the 113lbs that I lost. I have had quite the weight fluctuation journey over the course of the last 5 years so I am going to take a few days and try to compile a YouTube video with pics, videos, and my commentary on the whole situation. That way I can just tell people to check that out once they ask how I did it.

What gave me this idea was people were shocked that I had lost 45lbs to drop 2 weight classes in 9 months. Well, 44lbs is the difference in weight classes although I never truly filled out the above weight class. Regardless…I was like wow, and they thought that was a lot? My good friend SHREVE aka Chris Wong said I should show you all some pictures of my 300lb strongman days.

While these are embarrassing…I really don’t care. Haha have a good laugh! I weighed in at 187 a week ago…and will have some good posters and photos for sale soon from the competition!

Me @ 300lbs

Me @ 300lbs

Bow chicka wow wow

Bow chicka wow wow

There ya go…Haha I will give you guys the full run down on WHY I gained the weight…WHY I lost the weight, and HOW I gained and HOW I lost the weight. Late


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  1. Wow looks like you were pushing max capacity there. It that when you were in strongman?

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