Watch “Snatch Showdown” on YouTube


  1. I watched this when I got up this morning. Way to go Jared. That was a hell of a battle!

  2. Was this a typical snatch session with Broz, Jared?

    • I would say yes and no. I mean, when I trained there some days I would only miss 2x and move on other times I would miss 10x and move on. so I guess, yes, but, this was about a 2hr ordeal altogether, so, in terms of length of time snatching definitely not.

  3. (the number of misses, the length of the session)

  4. JARED!!! Awesome video. Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately. I was on a lifting hiatus becauses of a car accident and was so frustrated I couldn’t even watch/read anything lifting it just made me depressed. Still not back to lifting yet, but started to watch some stuff and am doing rehab type stuff. Nice job at your last competition too 6/6 looking strong and frickin’ crazy progress! Looks like you set yourself up very nicely for the AO.

    • Thanks Jen! I appreciate the feedback and the comment. That is horrible about the car accident! Wow. I am sorry to hear that. At least you are still alive to tell about it though. That’s good your spirits are starting to be lifted as well. I am ready to go give it what I got I know that for sure! I am also ready to eat a little bi haha 🙂

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