Always moving forward!

It’s been a big few weeks for me…Both in terms of my lifting and in terms of other aspects of my life. I am heading down to Iowa City this weekend for a bachelor party! I am pumped! I am the best man in the wedding which is also pretty sweet. On the way back I am picking up a bunch more gym equipment too 🙂 That is what Ia m really excited about.

My training is right back on track again which I love. I am hoping to snatch 145kg and clean and jerk 182kg by the end of next week. I am pretty close right now. My body weight is also down nicely. I have been training hard again! Woohoo.

The kids are all getting stronger. Every single day some kid is setting a 15-20lb power clean PR. Pretty awesome. Lots of positive things happening! I’m happy 🙂


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