My thoughts on cardio…I get asked this question a lot and always hesitate answering it if I don’t have longer than a few minutes to explain. Everyone should do cardio, yes. However, I am a believer that a large part of your regimen should be some form of intense weight training. You can get a lot of the same effects from a cardiovascular standpoint by doing weight training that you can while doing cardio. Cardio is great, as long as you are doing at LEAST that many days of weight training as well. Steady state cardio is about as useful as steady state naoping. Ok, that’s not entirely true but you get my point. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is the way to go with cardio as you get used to short periods of an elevated heart rate followed by a short rest period. The cardiovascular benefits are WAY better from this type of training as well.

My advice: Yes, do cardio. However, prioritize intense weight training, and add in HIIT cardio a few times a week on top of it!


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