Lifting weights

Well, I have been talking so much about the new gym and training others lately that I haven’t really mentioned my training at all. I am in a really basic strength training phase right now. WEll, I consider it basic. I am not snatching or clean & jerking very often actually. well, I basicaly don’t even know what it feels like anymore compared to how I used to do it (2x per day every day) haha. But, I am doing it a few times a week I guess. I just think it is a time for me to take a month or 2 and sort of do an “off season” program. Just give my shoulder and knee a bit of a rest and just lift weights, ya know? Squat, deadlift, maybe bench press, push press, RDL. Just have some fun with it, heal up, and get stronger as I transition to my new job and opening the gym.

Anyway, I promise the new website will be live THIS WEEK.


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