`Well, I have been training extremely hard this week and also working a lot. I am happy with where I am at in terms of the program and my strength levels this early on. I knew it would be a pretty difficult transition from my old programming to this one, but, this is really my only option. I used to get hurt 24/7 the way I used to train doing more of a modified bulgarian. I mean, it was a shoulder, a wrist, a knee. It was just never ending. I need to really let my body take the time to recover and refresh from time to time. The progress may be a tad slower, but, I think the longevity will be better. I won’t go through the big peaks and valleys anyway.

I’ll be posting a few videos here soon (interview type), and also hopefully have the website live within a week!



  1. Hey Jared, through your experience, do you think it’s possible to have success training with the Bulgarian method or do you think it causes too much wear and tear on the body?

    • I mean, everything Cal Strength/Team MDUSA & Broz have ever done is a watered down version AT BEST of the bulgarian system. Broz follows it much more strictly (especially in terms of the squats) than does say Pendlays programming. Neither programs were really even close to what the bulgarians did (maybe Broz’s was originally with Pat & Rob back in the daY). Anyway, I do not think it is the smartest way to train for USA lifters. Too much wear and tear, not enough recovery time, and not enough strength training. Most of our top guys (over the past 5 years) haev NOT done a bulgarian system.

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