Cael Sanderson

His attitude is incredible. I have been reading a lot of his stuff lately and just his insight on different things.

“I got what I deserved out there.” – When asked about his 5th place finish at the worlds

Then, got completely screwed by the refs in the bronze medal match…and then says “it was a coin toss.”

Later in the interview he breaks down when asked about a former athlete he used to coach who won the WC’s. Just such a genuine and humble guy.

PS – he married a girl that grew up in Estherville (12 miles away from my hometown)

I also read something of his that made me change my entire attitude about how I had been carrying myself…For some reason all I have been told recently is “You gotta be selfish man….As a weightlifter to ge to the top you gotta be selfish.” So, for about a year and a half now I have been selfish. Not helping people out, thinking of myself. Doing things when they are convenient for ME. What the H is wrong with me? I’ve never been like that in my entire life and I can’t believe I actually thought that was the way to get to the top.

Read this:

Being an amazing human being and giving more than you receive is much more honorable than trying to be “selfish.” That is just a joke.

Cael Sanderson is the man!



  1. Jared, as someone that has known you since you arrived in Vegas, I gotta say “selfish” has never been a worried that would have crossed my mind when it came to describing you.

    • Thank you very much! I appreciate the kind words. I think we can all strive to better ourselves, and, 99.9% of that starts with our attitude and being humble. Thanks for commenting, it picked up my spirits 🙂

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