Body Mechanics Whey Protein

Has anyone ever heard of this stuff before? I just got some to try out and this stuff tastes unbelievable!! It is incredible how far they have come with taste on protein powders from back int he day when it was like eating chalk haha!

The main ingredient (in addition to the protein is the Aminogen…What is the Aminogen?

Aminogen is the patented, clinically-used digestive enzyme system that triples the rate of protein absorption. The Aminogen in Body Mechanics whey protein isolate may:

Increase rate of amino acid absorption.
Boost branched-chain amino acid absorption.
Increase nitrogen retention.

Aminogen is also plant-based, making it a great choice for vegetarians.

It has 24g of protein per serving, only 1.5g of fat, and a perfect amount of carbs (5.5g).

You can read more about it here…

Let me know what you think! I’ll be writing a little bit more about my thoughts on it as I take it more and more….



  1. what are your thoughts about it..

    give a rating 1-10

    Taste, mixability, functionality???

    Do you mix it with water or milk?

    Do you use a blender or a shaker cup

  2. Hey, thank you for the reply! I just posted a new blog answering some of those questions so be sure to check it out! I would absolutely give it a 10 out of 10 right now. Until I find reason to kick it down a notch I have been most impressed with it since I have taken it for 3-4 days now. I will be blogging more on the taste and functionality tomorrow and also on friday. However, I have been mixing it with milk so far. I will mix it with water today so I have some feedback for eveyone tomorrow as well. I have used a shaker cup exclusively so far. But, I am going to make a smoothie over the next couple days as well with my blender to test how it works with that! Thank you so much for replying, and I hope you continue to read my blog posts!

    • i look forward to following along.. thanks for the reply

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