Headed back to Iowa

Well, I’m at the airport and have some free time so I thought I would update the blog quick. This has got to be the first time I have been this early for anything. I don’t even know what to do with myself. I am habitually late, so being this early is weird. I was through security and sitting at my gate with 45 minutes (They had just began boarding). Haha I couldn’t believe it! That’s got to be the earliest I Have ever been for a flight. My last flight to Montana I was straight Home Alone style sprinting to my gate, only to have it delayed by 2 hours haha! That’s what I get, hurry up and wait.

Anyway, I am going home for 8 days to see the family of course, get my knee checked out, and golf a lot. Haha well I hope to play a ton of golf. I Haven’t updated the blog the last few days basically because I haven’t really been training because of my knee. I mean, I Have been doing upper body, but, that’s nothing to blog about haha! Just random stuff. Although, I did bench once which was pretty fun. Broz didn’t think it was too cool though haha. I tried benching again and he said no. So I did some curls when he wasn’t looking. Kidding!! Kind of. I can’t squat below parallel so I Have to do SOMETHING strength related. I have been doing a bunch of grip work and whatnot. I even went and ran 2 miles yesterday. Ok, just kidding. I’m not THAT crazy.

Anyway, here’s to me golfing a 72 later today! Well, I can’t guarantee that but I can guarantee I’ll whoop my brother.


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  1. so u still home yet i know granny saw u sunday well maybe we will see you who knows

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