1 month of training left

I have exactly 4 weeks of training left until I compete at the Arnold, I am getting pretty excited. You know, this journey has already been way harder than I had ever expected. I didn’t expect to leave California Strength. Or to get hurt the first week in Vegas. Or to go and do 131/166 at Nationals 6 weeks after being in Vegas. Then that was followed by the worse 3 months of training I have ever had. It seemed like the entire year was full of negatives. California didn’t work out, my performance was bad, Vegas wasn’t going great. Again, my lifting wasn’t getting better at a new place.

I started to wonder if it was time to pack it in and be done, if I was cut out for this sport. Thankfully I got it turned around over the last 2 months and have had some decent training. The struggle has built a ton of staying power and mental toughhness, I know that. I know if I stayed with this sport through all of those struggles that I am for sure in it for the long run. If that didn’t break me – I can’t imagine anything else can, or will.

It wasn’t necessarily what was going on – it was my attitude towards those events that made them negative. I knew I needed to change my attitude, and I have.

A huge thanks to Vince Decker and to Steve Gough for continuing to support and believe in me. I haven’t done anything in this sport yet, but, I won’t stop trying. I’ll quietly keep plugging away…training hard for the Arnold. Can’t wait.



  1. Jared
    You are a tough, strong dude and weightlifting can be an unsung endeavor. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. We are in your corner.

  2. I just saw the video of that 190kg C&J – awesome!!!!!! Very inspirational 🙂

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