I have been working a lot lately but have been giving it all I have in training. The heat has really started to break which is really nice. It isn’t like training in a sauna anymore. I absolutely love it training down here with the guys and Broz. I am all settled in and finally on a set schedule where hopefully my training can start to take off. Just having that stress off my mind really helps I think.

Next up looks like the American Open in Alabama in December, then, the Olympic Trials (Columbus, Ohio) in March. 3 and 6 months out from some really big meets. My focus honestly is just on trying to get a little better each day. The little progress daily will add up to big results.

Anyway, I hope to update the blog at least every day or every other day from here on out.



  1. Looking forward to it, Jared.

    There’s a big audience who are very interested in how’s you guys do things. Even the little details will be fascinating, I’m sure.

    (PS I’m 53 year old and have been squatting daily for about four months. I’ve put 32.5 kg on my FS 1RM, 40 kg on my BS 1RM, and 42.5kg on my BS 5RM. My quads feel sore all the time – except when I’m squatting!)

  2. Thank you! I will definitely share what I can in terms of our training. Well, I will comment and talk about how training is going, but, not necessarily WHAT we are doing more than likely in terms of programming, etc. That is AWESOME. +32.5kg fs, and +40kg BS? Wow!!! That is amazing. Good for you. That is what Broz’s training is all about!

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