Eleiko Squat stands rule

I just got back to Las Vegas after spending about 10 days in Iowa. It was a great trip and great timing to go back over Labor Day. My hand was needing some more time to rest up and plus everyone from my hometown usually goes back Labor Day. So it was definitely good to see everyone again. Although, I Am very glad to be back and back in a normal schedule again. I did get to train in Iowa a bit, It was not optimal but I did get a lot of good workouts in. Now, on to the American Open!!



  1. Lookin’ lean Jared. Nice garage gym, where’s that?

  2. I was wondering where you were. Keep to hear more about training a la Broz.

  3. Sure do wish we coulda had a lil more Quality time together in Iowa! Oh well, Guess I will HAVE to come & get it in Nevada! Love Ya Lots Sonny! Mom

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