Caffeine Tablets

Caffeine tablets are one of the cheapest ways to get quick energy. If you are pretty short on money these are probably the way to go. Basically $12 for 100 caffeine tablets of 200mg. That is really pretty incredible. I always take them before my afternoon workout in addition to a scoop of NO-Shotgun.

Most people drink tons of caffeine throughout the day but, if you are more interested in performance- be sure to just load up on caffeine tablets pre-workout for a boost. That has a greater effect then slowly sipping on caffeine throughout the day.



  1. How many do you usually take before a workout and what’s the most you have taken before a workout haha maybe no comment on that one?

  2. I usually take 1 scoop of NO-Shotgun and 1 caffeine pill. Which equals about 350mg of caffeine. For athletic performance this is actually on the low side. Mid-Workout I will usually take another one. The tablets are 200mg each. The most I have taken before a workout is 2 (total of 400mg). It really isn’t THAT much. People who drink 4-5 cups of caffeine a day (like everybody) actually consume more caffeine than that. It’s not like caffeine is illegal or anything, and it can boost athletic performance tremendously. It is only banned if youi take like 25 of those tablets or drink like 50 cups of coffee haha

  3. I consume ZERO caffeine outside of pre-workout and intra workout. This is so it boosts the effect and so I don’t get used to it throughout the day. I want to be as relaxed as possible all day, then, pre-workout get jacked up and firing on all cylinders so to speak.

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