I still haven’t done anything in this sport. Not a single thing. But, that’s what continues to drive me. Being the underdog that nobody has heard about. I know it’ll take a long time, it’ll be a process. But you can’t expect success overnight. Well, you can, but you’re probably being very unrealistic. Most of the top international guys have been doing weightlifting since they have been 7 years old. I started when I was almost 22. I’ve been doing it for a year and a half.

So for all the frustration this sport brings, I also keep a good perspective. As long as I try to make the next workout the best one- I will progress. It just takes some patience, but, a relentless will to win as well. You just have to pay your dues first.

People always say “there is more than one way to get there.” Well, there might be more than one way. But, if any of those ways are lacking hard work- you won’t get there. That has to be the constant. And, the person that works the hardest will go the farthest. It really is THAT simple.


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