I have had some decent training the last week or so. I did a ton of technique work with Max Aita last friday. I was SO sore from doing tons of reps at certain workable weights (110/130). I did singles on those FOREVER. It was pretty tiring.

Saturday- I basically just squatted my arse off. 205x3x3, then 170×10, then also benched 315×10 and did some other general strength training for fun.

Monday- did 130/150 in the morning, and 140/155 in the pm (I was so sore I Could barely move from saturday).

Tuesday- Power snatched up to 130kg, then power cleaned up to 145kg, then also did lots of drop sets after both of those max outs. Then had to show up the young pups at Cal Strength so I benched 325 for an easy 10 lol.


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