Finally…a few PR’s today

So I took the last 4-5 days and just squatted. I did that for a couple reasons. 1. My shoulder was continuing to get worse. 2. I Was just getting worse

Squats do the lifts good...

So, it paid off today. I hit 4 new Personal Records. I power snatched 132.5kg, 134, and 135kg. All were Personal Records for me. Then,  I Power Cleaned 161kg, another PR. Then, I just topped it off with some back squats. Overall it was a great day. For the first time in a while I felt strong and felt like I had some power back. I think I Am on to something.



  1. i follow the cal. strength youtube channel and I’ve seen you show some signs of serious fatigue over the last couple weeks to a month. While spencer and Jon are on an upswing, you’re in the ‘dark times’ as Broz calls them. Probably pretty frustrating. I’m not at all surprised that you’re coming back with PRs now – that fatigue (and nagging injuries) was a good sign that some serious adaptation is about to happen. Pendlay knows what he’s doing.. keep up the hard work

  2. Thank you. I really appreciate that. There were quite a few other factors that contributed to it as well (That wasn’t seen on the youtube page). I Actually came out to Cal Strength in pretty dang good shape. It’s just when ya drop that many kgs on your squats your lifts are bound to go down when your technique isn’t that great. I started to hit some bigger squats (relative) and a few PR’s followed.

    Thanks again for the comment, I will keep working as hard as I can!

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