Hardest training yet…

Today was the hardest day I have had since I’ve been out here.


Snatch (with pause @ knee): up to 125kg, 130kgx5x0, 130kgx1, 132kgx4x0, 132kgx1, 135kgxclarks

Snatch (reps): up to 120kgx3 (Strap broke), 120×2, 120×1, then finally completed my 5 rep set with 120kg (120kgx5), 4 were from the hang.

Clean (with pause a knee): up to 140kg, 150kgxcountless misses

Clean (reps): up to 145kgx multiple sets of only 2-3 reps, then 140kgx5

Front Squat– up to 150kg, 170kgxfail(Terrible pain in head again),

Back Squat– up to 200kgx1, 205kgxfail


Snatch- up to 135kg, 140kgx7x0, 140kgx1, 142.5kgx6x0, 142.5kgx1, 145kgx6x0

Snatch (reps from blocks)– up to 125kgx5

Cleans– up to 145kg, 155kg, 160kgxcountlessx0

Cleans (2nd wave)– up to 150kg, 160xcountlessx0, 165×0

Cleans (3rd wave)– up to 145, 155, 160xcountlessx0, 165x6x0, 165kgx1 (clean & jerked it for my one and only jerk of the day)

Cleans (reps off blocks)– up to 145kgx 3 sets of 2-3 reps (missing my set of 5), then 130kgx5 (missed a few reps)

Lu Xiaojun

The worst part is that that was all thrown on top of me being already extremely sore from saturdays workout. I was more sore starting today than I Have ever been. Then, this volume thrown on top of it. I Have a feeling I won’t be able to move for a couple weeks after this. You’d think I would leave a day like this encouraged. But if you total up my misses it really is sad. I left the 1st session extremely frustrated with my clean technique, and, I left the 2nd session being frustrated beyond anything I can explain with typing. It’s like the longer I go the worse my technique gets. When the fatigue kicks in and I have to be more efficient technically I do the opposite…I get way worse. My technique gets terrible and I Start reinforcing that bad technique miss after miss after miss. I Try to do it right but I naturally over-compensate for having zero legs from saturdays workout. I’m giving it absolutely everything I have but with my clean it feels like quicksand right now. The harder I try to make it respectable technique wise the worse it gets. I mean I hit a 165kg clean and jerk after I trained myself for 3 months. That was coming off a period where I was under200lbs for 5 months and hadn’t squatted at all during that period either. Now, a year later, I find myself squeaking out that same 165kg at the end of the day but with even worse form (Because of extreme fatigue). That is why I don’t leave today feeling all that great. Because I made it, BUT, at what cost? My technique is worse.

Kendrick Farris "Blessing The Gym"

I just had to vent a little bit with my frustration with my clean technique. I’m giving it my all to try to fix it. I am very comfortable with my snatch technique right now because I Was always told that if you learn to snatch correctly the clean is easy. So, I made it a purpose for the year I trained myself to really attempt to perfect the snatch. Now, I find the snatch much easier and the clean to be like trying to climb Mt. Everest. Well, looks like Im going to try to sprint up that damn mountain until I perfect my clean. There isn’t any other option. I’ll keep giving it my all and trying to figure this thing out. Back in May 2010 I hit a 163clean and jerk, then a 165kg clean and jerk within 5 days of each other at meets. Now, in March and April of 2011 I Have hit a 168, 166, and a 167kg clean and jerk in 3 meets. My training PR has increased up to 182kg, but, I Haven’t hit anything near that in a meet. I am basically where I was a year ago in the clean and jerk when I trained myself for just 3-4 months. That is incredibly frustrating because I work so damn hard at this sport, but I feel my technique on the clean holds me back. Well, and now my strength is holding me back a bit as I have lost a ton of front squat/back squat strength in the past few months.

Serena Williams...Not sure why I included this picture. Why not I guess?

Ok, you gotta be sick of listening to me go on about my clean. Now it’s time for bed, I’ll be ready to go again tomorrow…I can’t wait to start “cleaning” either, because tomorrow is a new day, and another opportunity to fix it.

Serena Williams looking pretty jacked...Ya'll better STEP YOUR GAME UP!


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