Plan of attack…

Here is the plan of attack for our team as outlined by California Strength’s blog:

We did the live feed again today, not as many folks chose to watch as usual, and probably a good thing! Although the morning session was pretty good, the guys, particularly Jon and Jared, didn’t seem to have it in the afternoon. They may have been tired from the morning training, as we did include some things they are not used to. We will be using the same basic template for about the next 6 weeks, so let me briefly outline what we are doing. Since we have time for a good long training cycle before Nationals, we are going to be doing a bit more concentration on strength, and do some pulling, which we do some form of a couple of times a year. We are also going to be doing more variations of the lifts than normal, to work on individual weaknesses of the various lifters.  Jared has a tough time holding position during the pull, and will probably be experimenting with pauses and block work to focus more on achieving and holding correct positions.  Jon has a hell of a time gaining leg strength, and squats seriously tax his recovery ability, so in order to work as hard on the squats as he needs to, he is going to have to lighten the volume a little on the lifts.  Spencer needs reps to get more consistent.  He is strong as hell so I am not worried as much about him not being fresh for squats, he will probably be able to do more volume on the lifts.  Rob seriously needs to get his squat up, and might concentrate more on squatting than this template allows for.  Anthony will be doing more overhead work than the other guys because of his jerking problems.  Donny is going to differ the most, as he needs to work around some injuries.

Mon AM Snatch, CJ, Front squat

The idea here is to go just a bit easier on the competitive lifts, so we can get in a decent front squat.

Mon PM Snatch, CJ, some form of heavy pulls, like RDL’s

We will probably start out with higher reps on the RDL’s, and decrease as the weeks go on.

Tue PM Power snatch, Power clean

This will likely be a lighter day, because no one ever does well the day after pulling hard.

Wed AM Snatch, Clean, Push press or push jerk

I am hoping to top off a fairly quick session on the lifts with a couple of sets on the push press or push jerk with some higher reps.

Wed PM Snatch, CJ, Back squat

This should be a quick back squat session, going up to a heavy single and maybe a back off set.

Thur PM Power snatch, Power clean

Again, probably will be a fairly quick session.

Fri AM Snatch, CJ , Front squat

Light on the competitive lifts, but trying to work up to a single heavy attempt on the front squat.

Fri PM Snatch, CJ

This is the workout that we usually try to make our heaviest workout in the competitive lifts.

Sat PM Back squats, Snatch, CJ

We will be concentrating on heavy squats, starting with several sets of 5 during this workout, and then doing a light and fast workout on the lifts.

We are going to be using some variations of the lifts, for instance lifts from blocks, from the hang, with a pause at the knee, and I even plan on a few workouts standing on a 1″ or 2″ platform. So many of the workouts labeled “Snatch” might actually be from blocks, hang, etc . Same for the clean. Saturday will be the “main” and heaviest squat day, where we will get some actual volume instead of just going up for singles.


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