Friday’s Training

Yesterdays training was brutal. I am still pretty sore today from it.

Snatch- up to 130kg (286lbs) with no misses
Clean/Jerk- up to 150kg (330lbs) with no misses, then front squatted to 170kgs before having a terrible migraine again.

Snatch- up to 137.5kg with no misses (302lbs), 142kgx5x0, 115kgx5
Clean/Jerk- up to 160kg with no misses, 170x2x0, 145×1, 155×1, 165kgx1 (363lbs), Cleaned 140kgx5 (308lbs)

At that point I Was pretty darn exhausted. But, it was a very solid day overall. Here is the daily video:


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