Collegiate Nationals…

I am writing this from a hotel in Shreveport, Louisiana. We will get back to California this afternoon, so we have a lot of driving (to Dallas) and flying (to San Francisco) left. To say I am exhausted is the understatement of the century. I can honestly say I have never felt so physically drained in my entire life. Ever. I just feel absolutely awful. I don’t even want to get into the reasons why haha but oh well. Life goes on. Anyway:

I got 2nd out of 20 guys in my weight class. Which sounds decent but I really didn’t lift well at all. When comparing my results to my best lifting results I really lifted very very poorly, again.

Snatch- Started warming up earlier this time and felt great the whole session. I didn’t have any misses up to 135kg in the warm up room, so we opened at 138kg. We were about 3 attempts away so we went out. I went out and missed it very badly in front. I just didn’t finish my pull at all. I honestly was overlooking it because I knew how light 135kg had felt in the back room without an audience, extra adrenaline, etc. I just didn’t focus on the lift AT HAND. So, I had to take 138kg again. This time it felt like a joke, and I stood half way up and dropped it forward. I didn’t cock my wrists back at the bottom so once I got out of the bottom position the bar shifted forward suddenly and I just lost it.  So now I had to take it a 3rd time. If I missed I would “bomb out.” You get 3 attempts in the snatch, and if you don’t make an attempt you can’t post a total, so it’s as if you didn’t compete. Anyway, I came back on my 3rd attempt and made it very easily.

Clean/Jerk- I had a perfect warm up session, with no misses up to 160kg. So, we opened at 167kg, which I missed the clean. I racked it for a second at the bottom but I was way forward on my toes so I bailed before falling over. I took it again on the 2nd attempt and made it very easily. We then jumped to 178kg and I missed the clean very badly. We took the jump to try to jump a spot to see if I could qualify for the World University Team this summer (in China). I failed miserably on that attempt though.

Total- 138kg (302lbs)/167(367lbs) (305kg).

I was expecting a 320kg total at LEAST. I really expected to do 145/175. So to do 138/167 is an extreme disappointment. I leave another contest feeling quite embarrassed.

I could rant about how bad my training has been the last 4-6 weeks, but, it doesn’t matter. I’m giving it all I have, and hopefully soon the results will speak for themselves. I’m in it for the long haul and just gotta keep putting my head down and training.


  1. keep head up kiddo doing good 🙂 we are very proud of you try not being so hard on yourself

  2. Everyone has set backs dude! The great ones fight back an i’m know you will!

    Bernard Hopkins – Professional Career Info

    He immediately joined the professional boxing ranks as a light heavyweight, losing his debut on October 11, 1988, in Atlantic City, New Jersey to Clinton Mitchell.

    After a sixteen-month layoff, he resumed his career as a middleweight, winning a unanimous decision over Greg Paige at the Blue Horizon on February 22, 1990.

    Between February 1990 and September 1992, Hopkins scored 20 wins without a loss. He won 15 of those fights by knockout, 11 coming in the first round.

  3. Jared,

    I just read your rundown of Collegiate’s and 135 in the warm-up room to open with 138 seems awfully high. In the future maybe think of conserving your energy for the platform lifts. I would have had you cut out the warm-up at 130.

    • I actually wanted to hit 140 in the back room because I Felt so good. I asked if I could but he wanted to open at 138 instead. I have never ever jumped from 130 to 138 in the past, and seeing how easy 130 was there was in the warm up room there was absolutely no reason not to take 135 and open with 40. Obviously when I got onto the platform it was a different deal, but fatigue was a COMPLETE non issue. Inexperience/a few mental errors on my part was.

  4. and thanks Cindy/Damien for the responses as well. Just gotta keep on keepin’ on!

  5. I legitimately felt like I could have hit 147 at that meet, I just made some critical mistakes on the platform. Strength/fatigue weren’t issues, my head was.

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