This weeks training…

To say I Am exhausted is an understatement (and that is an understatement). I am so tired and just run down I think I could sleep for 2 weeks straight. I couldn’t even front squat 180kgs today, and I couldn’t back squat 205kgs. I am so wrecked and tired from that meet on sunday (followed up by 3 hours of sleep), then 2 maximal sessions monday, tuesday, and now wednesday that I can’t even move. All of the running (pry 5 or so miles) on sunday didn’t help either trying to make weight. I feel as if I wouldn’t be able to do 120/150 if the competition were tonight. My hips are SO tight, my legs are beyond sore, and my whole body just aches.

I only have 2 days to try to “recover” from all of this. We’ll see how much recovery I can really get in 2 days (friday will be 4 hours in a plane, then 4-5 hours of driving). Then, it is competition on saturday night. I just pray I can get some kind of magical recovery ability between now and saturday night, because that is only 72 hours away!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Man, that does sound tough! It’s amazing though how much better you can feel after just a few light days … maybe now isn’t the time to go hardcore Paleo, though 😉 LOL

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