Competition Yesterday

The competition didn’t go so well yesterday. The frustration started right away in the morning. I was 2kgs over bodyweight (4.4lbs). So, I literally had to run like 5 miles throughout the day to lose the weight (we didn’t have a sauna). That, and not drinking or eating a single thing for a day and a half made me pretty grumpy/angry with myself.

Anyway, I ended up making weight. Then, I got started warming up about 20 minutes later than I wanted.

Ok- now I have listed some good excuses as to why I sucked. So let me continue on. I missed 130kg in the snatch twice in the back room. I opened with a 136kg snatch, and missed. Then I took it again and made it. Then, I missed 140kg. I moved on to the Clean and Jerk.  I missed 160kg twice in the back room as well, then opened with 161 and made it, 166 and made it, and 170kgs where I cleaned it but missed the jerk.

So 136/166 were my numbers. Just an absolutely horrendous day. Thank god I have Collegiate Nationals in 5 days for some redemption.



  1. put it all behind u….u know gough would tell that the difference between a chump and a champ is someone that has a bad day and turn around and decide that they will make it the next day….i saw u make 150?( i think) and 182…those numbers are still in u…see it believe it and make em…..

  2. i know you hve it in you jared.. we all go through rough times. and the body is especially hard on itself when you have had to run a ton and make weight. that is mentally tough as much as it is physically tough. it will take it all out of you.

    if anything this will just get you more used to knowing where you have to be in terms of making weight for competition, and maybe staying a little closer to weight during training.

    You are strong as hell, and an excellent goal setter for me as well as for all of us your fans. so please know that you have the talent and the strength to get where you need, you just have to dig deep to pull it out like i know you can

    thanks so much again

  3. Thanks Tyson. That is one of the best things I have ever heard to be honest. So true. And Thanks to you as well Matt.

    I am so anxious to compete saturday it’s not even funny. I can’t wait for my redemption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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