Yesterdays + Today’s Training


Power Snatch- up to 120kgx3x1

Power Clean- up to 140kgx3x1

Both were maximal…Just all I could manage to hit.

Today was:

Snatch- up to 120kgx2x1
CJ- up to 150kgx1
Front Squat- up to 185kgx1, 200kgx0, 190kgx0

Snatch- up to 140kgx1 (308lbs), 145kgxclark, 120kgx1, 130×0000
CJ- up to 160kg, 170kgxclark, 162.5kgxclean (no jerk)

Back Squat- up to 215kgx1 (473lbs)


Back Squat- up to 200kgx1, 216kgx2x0, 205kgx2x1

Also, Big Mike at the gym gave me 10-1 odds on a Front Squat bet. He gave me 1 week to Front Squat 200kgs. If I win I get $100 in cash. If I lose I have to pay him $10. The best part is, I got a sponsor haha! Max Aita (Squat King here at the gym) says he will pay the $10 if I lose, but, he gets half if I win. Fair enough, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken the bet.



  1. shit….i just fronted 180k yest…..u better nail a 200kg…u got way more power than i do!!!!!

  2. Yeah man, I Gotta step my game up!! That is awesome, 180! Dang, nice work. You’re making me look bad. Please. slow. down.

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