The Paleo Diet…

I started on the “Paleo Diet” yesterday. Well, it’s not so much of a “diet.” Basically, you eat lots of protein, fruit, vegetables/greens and nuts. That’s basically it. You cut out all the other forms of carbs and stick to those. Heck, what else is there to eat really haha? That’s why I don’t consider it a true “diet.” Some people refer to it as the “caveman” diet, because that is what they used to eat back in the day. Animal meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Now, we are all eating tons and tons of processed carbs everyday.

Since I am very serious about my training, I want each and every food I eat to have a PURPOSE. That purpose has to be performance based, or some way it’ll help me recover. All of the foods I have chosen fit in that category. A LARGE percentage of my diet before I started with this consisted of high protein, lots of fruit, and some nuts anyway. Although, I am just like every other american sometimes, I do eat some dumb carbs sometimes!

Anyway, wasn’t I meant to be on this diet? This so called “caveman diet?”

You can't tell me anyone else was better suited to be on the "caveman" diet than me...

I really believe this “cleaned” up diet is going to help me performance a lot. Although, I won’t be 100% Paleo. I am sure I will be about 95%. Because, they don’t allow some foods that I still believe in quite a bit (such as milk). But, I’ll give it a shot and see what happens in a few months!

The main reason I really believe it will work is because as an olympic weightlifter I don’t burn the # of calories as say a wrestler or something like that. I am trying to relax as much as possible between sessions as opposed to working some 8 hour labor job then go to train. Paleo Diet for Olympic Weightlifters…I’ll give it a shot!



  1. I remembered seeing this recently where Glenn said:

    On a similar note, I Socratically asked Pendlay, “Do any of your lifters eat paleo?” I knew what the answer was, and he said something like, “Are you fucking serious?”

    I’m just curious if you’ve talked to Glenn about it.

  2. HAha!!!!!! That is hilarious, Glenn even said today he was thinking of doing Paleo himself!!!

    No- I have not talked to Glenn about it. I feel very confident in my approach to the nutritional aspect of it. IT’s pretty much what I already eat anyway… Everything I eat has to have a purpose, whether for fuel/recovery/growth, etc. I mean, everything I eat for a REASON. What the h*ll else is there other than meat, fruits, veggies, greens, and nuts?? Nothing that is great for performance…Right? Are ya with me?

    LOL- that is not towards you… Just some rhetorical questions.

  3. I understand the idea, I’ve just tried going low carb a few times and it makes me miserable at work. I love oats in my breakfast shake and feel like if I don’t have some other carb source (rice or multigrain bread) I have no energy. I’m not a hater by any means, I just haven’t been able to get it to work for me the few times I’ve tried.

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