Monday’s training…WHAT THE??

I finally got some sense knocked into me by Steve Gough (1 of my 2 coaches) and squatted my arse off yesterday. I squatted 5 separate times yesterday (with 4 being maximal, and the other one I Had to stop because of a crazy passing out incident). Anyway, here was what it looked like:

9:30am- Warm up, light stretching, jump rope, bar work

10am- Front Squat- up to 170kg,180kgx1 (396lbs), 195kgx0, 185kgx1(407lbs), 195kgx2x0

1030am- snatch- up to 120kgs (shoulder hurting)

11am- cleans- up to 150kgx3x1

11:30am- Front Squat- up to 160kgx1 (and a crazy blackout followed by severe head pain)- called it quits.

Squat til' you Puke poster

2pm- Front Squat- up to 180kg, 191×0, 191kgx1, 195kgx1 (429lbs)- and most I Have done since I Have been out here!

2:45pm- Snatch Pulls- up to 145kg for some singles, also some snatches in there too

3:15pm- Cleans- up to 140kgx3x1

3:45pm- Back Squats- up to 210kgx1 (462lbs)

6:45pm- Back Squats- up to 211kgx1

I slept SO hard last night. I was just exhausted. But, I just plain need to get stronger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Max Aita after I missed my 195kg FS in the morning “yeah, and you should expect to clean and jerk 200kg.” Point well taken.



  1. That is amazing man. What specifically do you attribute the blacking out on the front squats to?

  2. Thank you! Ya know, that has been my version of “unsolved mysteries.” haha! Remember that show? I used to sneak downstairs to watch that show when I was young and used to have bad nightmares. Oh boy, the caffeine is making me post random stuff again.

    Anyway, it has been going on for 2+ months, with no fix. I Had fixed it once I fronted with the bar in my PALMS. But, I strained a ligament on the inside of my elbow (because of SEVERE inflexibility), so that put an end to that. I bet in 2 weeks I’ll be able to go palms on again. But, I think it could be from bad dehydration. I tend to get dehydrated pretty easily. I also think it could be my rack on my throat (also bad flexibility, so I have to REALLY push up on the bar with my arms, which goes straight onto my throat/blocking my air).

    Anyway, I got really freaked out on monday from it because it resulted in what felt like a life-ending pain in my entire head. I seriously was freaked out for like 2 hours that I Was going to die…Felt like something in my head just exploded, like a mini bomb in my head.

    My deductible on my insurance is $5k…So, no doc visits for me haha! Darnit. I’ve said it once and I’ve said it again, I’m either going to make it in this sport, or I will literally die trying.

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