A few videos from todays training…

I am still whipping my head back way too much (And jumping back too much). It is good seeing  maximal attempts though because it really makes my flaws stand out big time. When I Hit 135 and 140 right before it I wasn’t really whipping my head back at all. Just have to stay more disciplined here. I also attempted 150kg after this but again, I Whipped my head back way too much and jumped backwards about 4″.

Here is 1 of my 3 singles today at 160kg (352lbs). I still fold a little bit at the bottom (a lot of flexibility problems), but, I don’t jump back nearly as much. I do jump back a little bit, but, not nearly as bad as I have been. A step in the right direction…

This time I jumped back even farther and didn’t quite get away with it. Check out my right foot. I landed completely on my toes, which made my bottom position terrible, and made standing up a lot more of a struggle than it should have been. My 1st rep (which I didn’t get on video) was my best rep (I didn’t jump back at all, and I landed on my heels). Again, I started to get undisciplined and jumped back. When I don’t jump backwards it seems 10x easier.

PS- Man my mullet is getting legit! It’s got some good movement hahahaha!! Mullet power 🙂


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