Tuesdays training…

Today we had just 1 session, which was nice to focus all energy on just one workout. It went like this:

Power Snatch- up to 100kgx2 ,110kgx2, 115kgx2x2,  117.5kgx3x2 (259lbs)

Power Clean- up to 110kgx2, 120kgx2, 130kgx2,135kgx2, 137.5kgx2,140kgx2, 142.5kgx2x2 (315lbs)

Front Squat- up to 160kg, 170,175,180, 185kg(407lbs)

I really felt good and powerful today. Then, as always, I took a 15 minute Ice Bath immediately following training. It always makes me feel like a new man afterward. I always feel really refreshed and ready to go again. Well, not ready to workout again haha but refreshed! Now I gotta go to the market down the street to get some strawberries, blueberries, oranges, free range eggs, apples, some fresh greens  some almonds, and whatever else looks good and fresh! Gosh I love that market.

I just had to post this picture…This blog can’t be about weightlifting ALL the time, it has to have some women present to keep you meatheads happy haha!

Claudia Jordan


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