The Volume…

The volume in our training is ramping right back up. I struggled mightily this morning with it.

AM Session:

Snatch (1 full, 1 from hang)- up to 110kgx2, 120kgx2, 125kgx10xfail, tried it about ten times, couldn’t quite hit the 2nd rep. Just retarded, and beyond frustrated at this point

Clean and Jerk (2 cleans, 1 jerk)- up to 120kgx2, 135kgx3x2, 140kgx2x2, 145kgx2

Front Squat- up to 160kgx1 (then black out), 170kgx1 (Then black out), 180kgx2x0 (black out).

I simply cannot squat big weights at the end of big workouts right now. It was after about 2 hours of snatching/clean and jerking at maximal volume weights. My legs were just shot. Riding the struggle bus today.

Here is a picture of my 141kg snatch at the arnold (which was technically a NON Strapped PR for me. So was 138kg.

PM Session:

Snatch (doubles)- up to 110kgx2, 120kgx2, 125kgx2, 130kgx2x2 (felt great)

Clean & Jerks (2 cleans, 1 jerk)- up to 120kgx2, 135kgx2, 140kgx2, 145kgx2, 150kgx2, 155kgx2, 160kgx2 (PR) (Cleans felt amazing, jerks were feeling crisp as well)

Front Squats- up to 175kg, 180kg (396lbs)


PHEW!! Oh my gosh this volume is the death of me haha! Crazy thing is that I LOVE the volume. I feel like I respond really well to it. Some people don’t handle it all that great, but, I feel I respond AWESOME to it. I am weighing about 94kg pre workout right now, so pretty light. A drop down to 85kg is being heavily considered right now (and talked about by the masterminds here at Cal Strength). Gotta meet up with a nutritionist here next week, get my bodyfat% measured and we will go from there. Things are really looking good right now though. I am feeling better than ever this week on the lifts (monday, tues, and wed afternoons have all been great so far).

Then, I took my supplements post workout (Elite Gourmet, Fish Oils, and lots of water of course), then, took an ice bath. Phew. I am super relaxed right now and feeling pretty good (Despite my whole body being numb from the training and the cold haha).


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