Arnold Write-Up

Phew. The Arnold Weekend was interesting. I didn’t get a single minute of sleep after competing friday night. We competed so late that I just could NOT sleep, and ended up pulling an all nighter (As we had to wake at 7:30am to go to the airport). It made me feel like crap all day saturday. Now, it’s sunday and I Feel a lot better. I am even going to workout here in a little bit.

Anyway, here are the videos of my snatches (135kg, 138kg, and 141kg respectively). That is 297lbs, 302lbs, and 310lbs.

I then clean and jerked 168kg (370lbs), and then missed 173kg and 175kg after that. It wasn’t the result I wanted, but, after not competing for 9 months it was a positive. I got the competition rust off me and now I am ready to get rolling! I had a very rough warm up session prior to my snatching. I missed 110kg, 120kg, and 135kg in the back room. So, that is why we opened so low at 135kg. If I want to do bigger weights in competition, I must have a better warm up session. Otherwise, the coach is not going to trust me with bigger weights.

Overall I  did learn a lot, and got the competition rust off me. I have Collegiate Nationals in 1 month in Shreveport, Louisiana. I am still supposed to be in college (I graduated with a 4 year degree in 3.5 years in December). So, I am still eligible. I just took the fast track 🙂

I am looking forward to the next month of training leading up to Collegiate Nationals. Compared to training the competition is easy!  I also got to meet some guys I had been looking forward to meeting: Mike Cerbus, Kendrick Farris, Pat Mendes, Jamie Mason, and a few others. I met a ton of people in addition to that. I got to sit down and have a nice little conversation with John Broz. I really wish I could have stayed an extra day to be able to talk to him more. I really enjoyed being able to talk to him the little bit that I did.

I also got a bunch of free samples at the Expo inside the Arnold. That was pretty cool. I am still a geek about supplements, so I had to run around there like crazy. I just couldn’t contain myself. Plus, I was 1kg over bodyweight upon arrival on friday. So, I had to walk it off by getting supplements. You have NO idea how hard it was to pass up all those samples of energy drinks and protein bars haha! Especially when the girls handing them out are just bombshells. Phew. I met Amanda Harris too, who is just out of this world when it comes to powerlifting. Here is a picture of her here: She is definitely not hard on the eyes either 🙂

Amanda Harris - Something like 16x World Powerlifting Champion (and she's only 20 or so!) Hey, maybe I have a chance? haha! 🙂


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  1. awsome job kiddo all at work like it when i show them the tapes 🙂

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