My training…

My training for the past 2 weeks had been absolutely terrible. That is why I hadn’t posted too much about it. I wasn’t lifting very well and my numbers weren’t up to par.

However, I finally got things changed around this weekend. I was able to hit a 140kg snatch on both friday and saturday, and had a great clean and jerk workout (up to 160kg twice) on saturday. I Front squatted up to 180gk both days (not maximal) as well. It felt good to drill the clean technique, because that has been my biggest frustration.

I feel I am on the right track heading into the arnold. Just have to fine tune some things this week and be ready to go in 5 days!!

Pic of the day: Kendrick Farris from last years Arnold Classic

Kendrick Farris snatching 157kg, 2010 Arnold Classic


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