John Broz = A change in america

John Broz is really one of the main reasons I got started in weightlifting. He is a coach at Average Broz Gym in Las Vegas. I stumbled upon his youtube interview and wanted to know more. So I started surfing the internet and found a bunch of forums that he was posting on. His methodology might be controversial, but, there is no doubt he and his athletes bust their arses. You have to give them a crazy amount of respect for the work they put in. What he is doing is AWESOME for weightlifting in the US. I think we “needed” someone to come onto the scene that was slightly controversial/brash to wake some people up. He was giving out a ton of information, so I started lifting to maximum every single day. Oh, and I Was getting way stronger, weird how that works haha!

I think the main message he was sending out is just that in general LIFTING WEIGHTS IS HARD WORK. Being a champion is hard work. Anything worthwhile is hard. If it were easy then everyone would be a champion.

It had been a few years since I had that drive and passion to truly dig my feet in and work so hard that at the end of the day I knew I did everything I could to get better. But, listening to his interview and reading his posts definitely made me forget about all the BS I had heard about “overtraining.”

If you want to get stronger, lift heavy weights.

PS- Props to you John Broz!!!


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