New Enderton Strength site!!

We have been working night and day on the launch of the new and improved Enderton Strength website! Finally we have it. I Am really excited for it, and excited about the T-Shirts as well. I really wanted to simplify what products I was selling. I just want to sell products that I personally believe in and have seen others have success with as well.

I will be posting random stuff about my training, as well as site updates on this blog. It will mostly be about my training/what’s going on with me. Stay tuned, I’ll try to update it at least 3-4 times per week! Thanks everyone for the support so far, and Happy Valentines Day!!

Video of the day:

Come on…You know I gotta put a video up of me on the first new Enderton Strength blog post 🙂

Feel free to leave comments on what you think of the site as well…


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