Sunday’s Week in Review

Each Sunday I am going to post a “Week in Review” detailing my previous week in training.

Monday: am session

snatch- up to 140kg
snatch- up to 140kg,141,142.5,144kg, 110kgx3
cleans- up to 170kg

pm session:
snatch- up to 140kg,145kg, 110kgx2
clean and jerk- up to 172.5kg
clean and jerk- up to 162kg


power snatch: up to 125kg, 110kgx2x2
power clean: up to 150kg, 130kgx2

Wednesday: am session:
Snatch- up to 140kg, 145x5x0
Snatch- up to 141kg, 145×0
Snatch with Pause at Knee (3 sets of 2): 120, 120, 125kg
Clean and Jerk- up to 170kg

Pm session:
Snatch- up to 140kg, 145x5x0
Snatch- up to 140kg,143x2x0,143×1,146x2x0,146×1,148x5x0, 120kgx3
Cleans- up to 165kg, 170x3x0, 150kgx3x2
Squats- up to 205kgx3, 190×5, 195x2x5

Snatch- up to 140kgx1


power snatch- up to 120kg- no misses, 126×1, 131kgx0 (PR ATTEMPT)
power clean- up to 155kg, 161kgx3x0 (PR ATTEMPT)
a few random exercises

Friday: am session:

snatch- up to 130kgx2

clean and jerks- up to 160kg


pm session:

snatch up to 140kg

snatch up to 130kg

clean and jerk up to 170kg


snatch- up to  135kg

clean and jerks- up to  160kg

squats-  up to  190kgx3x5

abs, bench press 315×10


Bar work, light snatches/clean and jerks, ab work

Overall I had a GREAT week. There’s not one day I was really upset about. Every day was a positive. Today is mainly resting up and recharging my batteries for the 6th week..and hopefully the best week yet! Thanks all for reading and god bless!!


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