Day 5 @ OTC

Yesterday was completely off.. .Just relaxed and watched some good football (like every sunday haha)

730am (45 minutes)

stretching, some yoga stuff, abs, pushups

1015am (2 hours)

Clean from Thigh + Squat: 40,60,70,80×2/2 all the way up

Clean Pull Box + Clean Box:  60,80,100,115×2/2 up to here,130kgx1/1

Clean Pull + Clean: 90×1/3, 110×1/3, 125×1/2,135×1/1,145×1/1

Press in Split Jerk position: 40x2x4, 50x2x4

Jerk from Blocks: 60,80,100,115,130kgx2’s all the way up

back Squats: 90×3,120×3,140,160,180,200kgx2

415pm (2 hours)

drop snatch + oh squat + press in snatch: 2+1+2 = 1 rep, 40x2x1, 50, 60, 70kg

snatch from hip, knee, below knee, 60,70,80,90kg

snatch pulls box + snatch box: 70,85,95,105,115,125kgx1/1

snatch: up to 100kgx2

snatch pulls: 120, 130, 140, 145kgx2 (super slow descent)

Overall a pretty good day… It’s just a complete 180 from what I have been doing… Really at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Sometimes it’s pretty tough to get mentally aroused to get up for a workout where you know it won’t be maximal. Just takes a bit of a different mindset I think. I am just used to maxing so often and for so long that when I don’t max during a workout I kind of lull myself to sleep in a way… despite it being like 3 hour workouts and sweating my butt off. But mentally I get lulled to sleep a bit it seems, even though physically I am just beaten.

It’s just different I guess is all. Overall the trip went good, I’ll do another post iwth my whole wrap up of the trip tomorrow or wed after I get some sleep!!


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