Day 2 @ OTC

I crashed pretty hard after yesterday and slept for a little over 10 hours. I woke up feeling great. I was definitely ready to go today.

7:30am (40 minutes)

Stretching, some yoga exercises, ab work, pushups, more stretching

1015am (3hours)

Press in Snatch- 40kgx4x4

Drop Snatch + OH Squat- 40kg,50,60,70,80x 2+1 each time (2 drop snatches, 1 Overhead Squat)

Snatch from Hip: 40×3,50×3,60×3,70×2,80×2,90×2

Snatch Pull + Snatch from Box: 50×3/3,60×3/3,70×3/3,80×2/2,90×2/2,100×1/1,110×1/1,120 x 1/1

Snatch from Below Knee: 40×3, 50×3,60×3,70×2,80×2,90×1,100×1,110 x1, extremely slow descent, pause at bottom, then snatch… exhausting

Split Squat: 50,70,90,110,130kgx3’s all the way up

Press in Split Squat position: 40kgx4x6


415pm (2 hours)

Clean from Thigh + Squat: 40,50,60,70,80,90×3/1 (pause at thigh, hold it, then clean) 3×1 all the way up, so 3 cleans, 1 squat

Clean Pull from Box + Clean: 50,70,80,903/3 up to here,100,110×2/2 up to here,120,130×1/1 up to here

Clean Pull + Clean: 50,70,90×2/2 up to here,110,120,130,140x1x1 up to here

Press in Split Squat stance: 40kgx2x4

Behind the Neck Split Jerk from blocks: 50x5x3,70×3,90×3,110×2,120×3,130×2

Front Squats (For flexibility): 50,70,90,110,130kgx3’s all the way up (super slow descent.. probably a 4 count on the way down, pause at bottom for 2+ seconds, then up.

I fully expected both sessions to be very difficult, but in a different way. I expected the morning session to be 2-3 exercises but pretty heavy, and the afternoon to be 4-5 exercises, a couple lighter and a couple heavier. The morning session felt like a marathon of training. I am not complaining one bit. He said he saw some things he wanted to fix, and wanted to “add new elements” to my training. He was really forcing me to work on my bottom position. Well, my pull too. Basically my entire snatch haha… I was wrecked after the morning session because if you follow my training at all you notice I mainly do single reps, sometimes doubles on the way up but rarely. This was all reps. So I was really tired in a  different way.

The evening session was basically the exact same thing as the morning session- but for the clean and jerk…A lot of “remedy” exercises so to speak. It was still exhausting, just in a much different way than I am used to.

I’ve been training with Patrick Judge, Zach Krych, Caleb Ward, Donovan Ford, Holly Mangold (New York Jets Center Nick Mangold’s sister), Dean, Jackie Berube (at leat I thought it was her), Steph, and 1 or 2 other girls were in and out.


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