Weightlifting meet 5-13-10.

Weightlifting meet in Waterloo, IA.

Snatch- 125x, 125, 128kg(282lbs)(3kg hook grip PR)
Clean & Jerk- 160, 165x, 165kgx1(363lbs), (2kg PR)

I increased my total by 5kg (up to 293kg) and weighed in at 93kg (I tihnk the scale was a kg light), so 205lbs.

Got to the venue about 5 minutes early to find out I was 1.5kg under weight!! That’s 3 pounds pretty much, so I was likw 204 upon arrival. I didn’t eat a single calorie all day because the scale that I weighed on this morning said I weighed 208.5. So I thought I would drift the 1.5lbs over the course of 6 hours, so I literally hadn’t eaten since last night. Obviously once I saw I Was weigh under (According to that scale) I drank half a gatorade and a powerbar energy bar (yes, you can get them from the site, just had to add that in there). Anyway, weighed in at 93kg.

It started on time at 7pm, only 11 lifters so it was all done by 845pm, my first snatch attempt was at 7:40pm. I took my NO Shotgun at 7pm exactly, it was perfectly timed. I love that stuff, really gave me an energy boost this late at night even. MY thumb popped big time again in warm ups so I strapped up from a very light weight and just had faith ti would hold up hook gripping the actual weight, it did. I was hoping to go 130+ today but the first miss threw me off track. Live and learn, just needed to focus more.

Between sn/cj… no break. But, I still got in a yogurt, powerbar energy bar, and, 1/2 scoop NO Shotgun again. Felt great and energized going into the CJ.

clean and jerk- had my opener set at 155, bumped it to 156 to allow me to do 155 in the backroom (And let another lifter go before me). I then bumped it up to 160kg to buy myself even more time. Then, I missed the clean on 165 the first time, but made it on the 3rd attempt to finish with a 5kg PR total. 282lbs/363lbs, or, 128/165. I learned a ton from this competition as well, I feel contest experience is valuable in building a strong mind and confidence.

Elite Gourmet protein after the contest, mmm.

VIDEO WILL BE POSTED TOMORROW. I just had to add in the supplements as I had a few people ask what I was taking during the meet.


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