Carroll Meet Write up from 5-8-10

Meet write-up:

I figure I better do this before I compete in my next meet on thursday!

Got there at about 2pm to weigh in, weighed in heavy at 93.9kg! We then went and messed around until about 315 because we were scheduled to lift at 4pm. I Scheduled all my eating/energy supplements, sleep, etc to be ready to compete at 4, but, I didn’t even do my first snatch until 7pm! It was really backed up. Anyway, on to the actual contest

Snatch- started warming up pretty late as I was the last guy to open up. I had my original opener set at 117, but decided to bump it up to 120kg because I didn’t warm up fast enough (and this bought me an extra 10 minutes or so). I hit it easily, went to 125- hit that easily, called for 130kg and missed it. The breaks between each of the lifts really threw me off… it was about 10 minutes because there were so many lifters taking attempts between! Usually I am used to about 2 minutes rest, just something to work on and remember for the next meet. I was capable of hitting 130 that day but made some mental errors.

Clean & Jerk- original opener set at 150kg, again- I warmed up too slowly and wasn’t ready to go when they said I was ON deck all the sudden. So I bumped it up to 158kg to buy myself time again, and, buy myself time I did. 15 minutes+!! There was like 8 attempts between 150 and 158, crazy. So I ended up doing 140, 150, 155 because I was getting so cold in the warm up area. I was in the warmup area completely alone at this point. I missed 155kg the first time, then hit it the second time. Man is it hard to do your warm ups with absolutely nobody watching haha. I wanted to go 160kg because I knew I could hit it but only ended up opening with 158, then hit 163, then missed the clean on 165 (again, mental error).

Overall it was a good day, I won my weight class and got the best male lifter award. Kinda cool for not competing in a while, despite the fact I Was not happy with my discipline and focus at parts of the meet. I did learn a ton though, and that is what these small meets are all about! The qualifying total for nationals was 283kg, I hit 288kg so I qualified for those, which are held in Peoria, IL on June 11-13th

Video from the contest…


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