Training from 12-7 to 12-14

situps, pushups, ab wheel

warmup, BB Complex x2
Power Snatch- 40kgx2x4. 50x2x3,60×2,70×2,75×2,80×2,85×2,90×2,95kgx3x1,80kgx5x2
Pullups- 2xmax, Chinups- 2x max (strict), Light Ab work

J rope 10m, bb complex- x1
Muscle Snatch- 40kgx2x4,50×3,60×3,65kgx4x3
Bench Press- barx12,135×8,225×8,265×8,275×8,285×8
Incline DB Bench- 100’sx10, 70’sx10
Skullcrushers- 4×10, Tricep Ext- 4×12

J rope- 20 minutes- very tired after this
BB Complex x2
Power Snatch- 40kg3,50×2,60×1,70×1,80×1,85x2x1,80kgx3x1
Light Muscle Clean/Split Jerks, Light deadlifts
BTN Strict Press(only to mid head)- 3×8

1/2 hour Jogging


Shoveling snow
(yes… I considered this a workout. I was drenched in sweat!). Although it was pry only 3 hours total of shoveling, about every 20 minutes I went inside to get my feet un-numbed haha. I think I made up that word, but,you get my point.

warmup, Dynamic Stretching, BB Complex x3
Power Snatch- 40kgx2x4,50kgx3,60×2,70×2,75×2,80×2,85kgx20x1
Light Ab Work

Warmup, Dynamic Stretching, BB Complex x3
Hang Muscle Clean & Push Press- 50kgx2x5,60×3,70×3,80×3,90×3,100kgx3x3
Deadlifts-100kgx2,120×2,140×2,150kgx10,170kgx12 (all dead stop reps, zero breaks during sets), 100kgx10
Pullupsx15, Bar Hangx1m, Ab Work, Stretching


Dynamic Stretching
2 Mile run, V ups, other random stuff

warmup, Dynamic Stretching, BB Complex x2
Muscle Snatch- bar,40kgx3x3,50kgx2x3
Deadlifts- 80kgx15, Clean & Push Press- 40kgx10
Standing DB Press (Marunde Style)-25’sx20, 35’sx10, 55’sx10, 70’sx120
DB Curls- 30’sx16, 40’sx3x16, drop setx50
DB Raises(front/side)- 2×10

Warmup, 5min Eliptical Intervals, Dynamic Stretching
Circuit Style Workout:
BB Complex x3, Large complex with 40kg
deadlifts-40kgx50, Hanging Leg Raises
front squat- 40kg,70kg, back squat- 40kg,70kg
Clean & Jerk- 40kg, pushups, glute ham raises
hyperextensions, lat pullsx25, OH sq., V ups
lots of stretching

35m Jogging (not sure how far, maybe 3 miles? In some pretty deep snow so rough running/slowed down time, but, a good workout.

Warmup, Dynamic Stretching, BB Complex x3
Power Snatch- 40kgx2x4,50×3,60×2,70×2,75×1,80×1,85×1,90×1,95×1,100kgx3x1
Snatch Pulls- 100kgx3x5
Back Squat- barx20,135×15
Hyperextensions x25, Bar Hangs 2x45s, V ups x25

Warmup, Dynamic Stretching, BB Complex x3
Clean & Jerk- 40kgx2,50×1,60×1,70×1,80×1,90×1,100×1,110x2x1,120×1,125×1,130kgx1
Power Clean & Push Press- 60kgx5,70×5,80×5,90x2x5,100×5,110kgx3
Strict Wide Pullupsx15, Seated Rows 2×25, Hyperextensions x20
Swiss Ball Back Ext- x10, Ab Wheel x3 holds

7 days and 15 workouts. My body is finally allowing me to handle that kind of volume without being completely drained. Bodyweight is pretty steady about about 207 pounnds, going to try to get it down to 203 within the next week and a half.


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